Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer on the 2011 ICAN Conference Committee

By Maureen Finneran Hetrick
ICAN Conference Director

Have you been wondering what you can do to help ICAN?  Do you want to make a difference in the lives of women?  Consider joining the ICAN 2011 Conference Committee!  You can help make next year’s conference the best ever!

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer on the 2011 ICAN Conference Committee:

10.  A chance to meet the women you have been chatting with online for years and develop a relationship forged from working on a project together.
9.   You get to help make the conference what YOU think it should be and to KNOW that you are making a difference.
8.  The opportunity to be adored and thanked by hundreds of women.
7.  You get to wear an awesome ribbon during the conference so everyone knows how awesome you are.
6.  You get a sneak peek at the speaker list, exhibitors, and advertisers.
5.  You get a sneak peak at the silent auction goodies, conference bags and raffle items.
4.  You get an extra raffle ticket to help improve your chances of winning!
3.   Extra snacks to fuel you during the conference.
2. You get to bid first on silent auction items.

and the number one reason to volunteer on the 2011 ICAN conference committee is….

1.  FREE Registration to the conference!!!

We really can’t do this without your help!  No experience is necessary, and we all support each other, so you won’t ever be on your own.  This is a great way to help ICAN and to help women.  Your input can make the conference better than ever.  So please consider helping out!

For a list of open positions and an application, please email me at

I need your help!

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  1. Desiree O'Clair March 3, 2010 3:59 pm  Reply

    I would love the opportunity to volunteer on the conference committee. I have often worked on La Leche League conference committees. I would love to help.

    Desiree O’Clair
    West Hurley, New York

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