ICAN Announces Changes to Board of Directors

Christa Billings, ICAN President

Christa Billings ICAN President

We have some exciting changes to announce regarding our Board of Directors.

I am writing this letter to you today as the outgoing President of ICAN. My term will end Dec. 31, 2014. It has been a huge honor to serve as your President. We have just returned from our annual ICAN Board of Directors meeting. Great things always manifest when ICAN women come together in person, and with that comes the great Board of Director changes listed below.

It took several years, but we have finally turned ICAN around and are in the beginning stages of rebuilding the organization back up to the wonderful organization we all knew it could be, complete with refocusing on all the aspects of ICAN (Education, Support & Advocacy).

However, don’t worry because Christa is not going far. ICAN is near and dear to her heart! She will be moving into the Advocacy Director position as the legal/legislative side of things have always been a strong passion and focus for her. She loves the support of helping individual moms, but even more she loves the idea that ICAN can make changes in the birthing world little by little through advocacy work. She will remain on the Board of Directors as a member at large.

It is with GREAT excitement that we announce to you that LaQuitha Glass will be taking on the role of ICAN President on January 1, 2015. It has been a great joy to work with her and watch her grow. She has been an amazing member of the Board of Directors and I was always impressed by the new ideas, strategic plans and many other things she had her hands in. I am always saying to others, “She should be President.” She recently welcomed her third baby into the world and is excited to take on the position.

Not only will we have a new President, but we have added a Vice President. Lindsey Seger has accepted the Vice President position. She is a great new addition to the Board of Directors. She is a rising star of ICAN, whom we’ve had our eye on for a while. She will make a great addition to the team and adding more support at the top of our organization. Lindsey currently serves as Chapter Leader for ICAN of Nashville. She is a mother to two wonderful children.

Lakeisha Dennis has accepted the role of Chapter Director. She will serve on the Board of Directors as a Member at Large. Lakeisha currently serves as the Northeast Regional Coordinator (RC) and as a Chapter Leader for ICAN of Greater Essex County. She is working to transition the RC role by the end of the year. Chapter Director was always a position we struggled with removing when we downsized the Board several years ago. We want the opinions of our Chapter Leaders that are providing the support in our communities to be heard. Lakeisha will provide that voice to the Board, thus creating the ICAN that we all want together. Lakeisha is one amazing addition to our board. It wasn’t from her own birth experiences that Lakeisha became involved in ICAN, as she hasn’t yet had the privilege of becoming a mother. She does this work because she cares so much about birth and families.

Last but not least that leaves two positions. First is Treasurer. Mychel Hefner has been serving in that role for about a year and will continue to do so. Thank you Mychel for your hard work and time served. You have been an amazing addition to the Board of Directors. We also will have the role of Secretary to fill as LaQuitha moves into the role of President. Keep an eye out for another announcement to be made soon on the Secretary role and other various volunteer roles.

In solidarity,
Christa Billings
ICAN President

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