Cesarean Scar Tattoos

Body art has existed for most of human history. Tattoos specifically can be found on mummies from several ancient cultures around the globe, the oldest dating back to the 4th millennium BCE. There are several reasons people choose to decorate their bodies permanently with ink – body image issues, marking a... Continue reading →

Meet the Leadership: Katie Peternel, ICAN of Annapolis

ICAN is excited to announce Katie Peternel as our newest Chapter Leader! “I want others to know that ICAN is not against all cesareans. Instead, their goal is education and advocacy, and to reduce unnecessary cesareans while promoting VBACs.” ~ Katie Peternel, ICAN of Annapolis Please introduce yourself to ICAN:... Continue reading →

Top 11 Ways to Decrease Your Risk for a Cesarean

Guest post by Dr. Poppy Daniels, OB/GYN Choose a provider/facility with a low cesarean rate – Midwives have lower cesarean rates: the Midwives Model of Care has a more holistic approach to prenatal care, familiarity and patience with longer labors, and the fact that midwives are not surgeons. Many OBs... Continue reading →