Meet Jennifer Martin, ICAN’s newest leader for the Seattle chapter!

ICAN is excited to announce Jennifer Martin as our newest chapter leader! She has completed training and will be leading ICAN of Seattle!


Tell us about the birth climate in your area.


“You have options always, even if a c-section is right you can have a birth plan and wishes. No one should be steam rolled.” ~ Jennifer Martin, ICAN of Seattle

It’s a massive area, from Canada down to the Tacoma group and from the Puget Sound all the way to the mountains. I love that almost every hospital is VBAC supportive, but I wish birth centers could do VBACs.
Why get involved in ICAN?
I found ICAN originally from the internet but I couldn’t find a local group when I needed it before my breech c-section. Later when I was expecting #2 a friend told me about the active Seattle group. I’m excited about helping moms in their time of need because I know I needed it before and after birth. I wish people knew that ICAN isn’t anti-cesarean. We are just saddened by unnecessary ones and how women are often unprepared for them.
Please share a little about yourself!
I have two little boys, one breech c-section and the other a VBAC 17 months later, and a great supportive husband. I work in social media but mostly from home so I can be with my boys. I believe strongly in maternal and child health and education and have a Masters in Public Health. I volunteer with women coming out of homelessness/rehab/abuse, my local MOPS group, ICAN, and church programming. My friends would describe me as passionate, quick to think, and caring.
Next meeting?
February 13th and the next is March 14th. We may open Eastside of Seattle meetings again in February, too.
Welcome, Jennifer! We can’t wait to see the impact you have in your community!

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