Bronwyn Fackrell of Capital District NY is ICAN’s newest chapter leader!

ICAN is excited to announce Bronwyn Fackrell as our newest chapter leader! She has completed training and will be leading ICAN of Capital District NY!

Tell us about the birth climate in your area.

"ICAN's main goal isn't VBAC at all costs. It's improving maternal and child health. VBAC is one way to do that." ~ Bronwyn Fackrell, ICAN of Capital District NY

“ICAN’s main goal isn’t VBAC at all costs. It’s improving maternal and child health. VBAC is one way to do that.” ~ Bronwyn Fackrell, ICAN of Capital District NY

We serve the Hudson Valley up to Lake George, parts of southern Vermont west to Canajoharie. Despite not having a birth center, I feel we have a good variety of supportive OBs, hospital-based midwives, and home birth midwives. I’d love if we could reverse some VBAC bans.

Why get involved in ICAN?

Far too many women learn about the complications of c-sections the hard way. They had no idea multiple c-sections could lead to accreta. They had no idea that uterine rupture isn’t the only thing to be concerned about. They had no idea that VBAC is a reasonable option and VBAC bans are the unreasonable thing in the argument. I want women to KNOW. I have always loved helping people learn new things. I’ve done in official capacities as a teacher and unofficial as a friend. I’m excited to do it officially as a chapter leader.
Please share a little about yourself!
I have 5 kids. I have a master’s degree in population genetics, which taught me to love statistics. I’m a musician. I sing, play piano, and organ. I’m a horse person and have been most of my life. I love teaching, and when I think about which of those areas I would like to teach, even with several opportunities to teach piano or riding lessons, the one that stands out that I love most is birth. While I haven’t certified as a CBE, I have done a little of that in unofficial ways. I also worked with Special Scars as a statistician.
Next meeting?
August 9th at 6:30 pm at The Bundle Store. It’ll be an open support meeting. People can keep up with our meetings here!
Congrats, Bronwyn!

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