ICAN Accreta Awareness Month – Connecting with Social Media


One of the ways ICAN honors every woman and family that has experienced a form of placenta accreta is by holding space for them in ICAN’s Accreta Awareness Facebook group. Considered as sacred as an ICAN meeting, this group is a safe place of confidentiality for those facing a diagnosis of accreta, percreta, increta, and previa and the wide range of feelings that invariably comes with those experiences. The purpose of the group is to help bring awareness and education about this increasingly common diagnosis in conjunction with the mission of the ICAN. We hope to pave a path of support, advocacy, and education for the mothers who will face this diagnosis. 

Have you checked out ICAN’s Pinterest? We’re dedicated to meeting women wherever they are on their journey to support, educate, and advocate for families as they explore their birthing options.

ICAN is also on Twitter and Instagram! October will feature more graphics about Accreta Awareness but be sure to follow for future educational articles, support features, and advocacy campaigns!






ICAN accreta blood drop


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