VBAC After Cesarean for Arrest of Descent or CPD

  VBAC after Cesarean for Arrest of Descent or Cephalo-Pelvic Disproportion –  written by Pamela Vireday A cesarean for “Arrest of Descent” means a cesarean done after a woman has dilated fully and pushed for a while without the baby descending. The amount of pushing time required for the diagnosis... Continue reading →

Birth Story: Maria’s VBA2C

Originally published in 2012 Like all VBAC stories, mine starts with the birth of my first child. My oldest was breech from 19 weeks on to the end – the girl would not budge. We were in the midst of trying everything under the sun to flip her around and... Continue reading →

Of Evolution, Culture, and the Obstetrical Dilemma

This story originally appeared at Undark Magazine. By Josie Glausiusz, November 29, 2017 HARVEY KARP, THE BESTSELLING author of the “The Happiest Baby on the Block,” has some advice on his website for frazzled new parents: “Remember — your baby’s brain was so big that you had to ‘evict’ her after 9 months,... Continue reading →

Cesarean Myths: “Mothers are Demanding Cesareans!”

Originally published July 2009 A report on Enterprisenews.com would have us all believe that the cesarean rate in the U.S. is being driven in some significant way by mothers demanding elective cesareans with hapless obstetricians following their orders. But is this true? While the Enterprise article cites the experiences of medical personnel... Continue reading →