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By: Lynn Baptisti Richards

Although this compilation is dated in the 80s, these beautiful stories are never out-dated! As told by the professionals attending the births and by the women themselves, this book includes a number of empowering VBAC stories, including some VBACs after classical cesareans and multiple cesareans.

By: Diane Korte

Written at a time when there was ample positive support for VBAC, this mid-90s book is a clearly written and thorough guide that leads women through the process of planning for a VBAC step-by-step.

By: Claudia Panuthos

"Readers are given a glimpse of how protecting the integrity of birth, beginning on a personal level with our own peace of mind, may help bring about more positive, conscious birthing for everyone." Midwifery Today

By: Andrea Frank Henkart

In the name of technological progress, hundreds of thousands of women have been coerced into relinquishing a most cherished right--the right to give birth in a gentle, supportive environment free of medical interventions, and instead welcome their children to the world through major abdominal surgery. The physical, psychological,and cultural implications of cesarean sections are thoroughly examined. Through insightful education and an understanding that can only come from experience, Henkart shows how every woman possesses the ability to overcome the fear and uncertainty commonly associated with birthing to be able to give birth without the intervention of major surgery.

By: Laura Kaplan Shanley

The author recounts her journey through her own birth experiences, unassisted by any medical professionals. Although some parts of this book may be questionable to some, this book still makes valid points about birth being primal and instinctual and is an excellent reminder of the abilities within us. It makes for an empowering read, even if planning an unassisted birth is not for you.

By: Childbirth Connection

This informational booklet gives important facts and research references about cesarean section surgery.

By: Rita Rubin

Rubin's book looks at some reasons why cesareans are performed, what to expect during a cesarean, suggestions for communicating with your care providers to get what you want out of your birth experience, and how to sort through some of the controversy surrounding choices about cesareans. There are also some helpful talking points throughout the book which suggest questions to ask your care provider.

By: Sheila Kitzinger

A guide to choosing among the often bewildering alternatives in pregnancy and childbirth.

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