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Volume 36 ~*~ 30 April 2007

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In The News

  • Australia's New South Wales Issues Directive against Maternal-Request Cesareans

    New South Wales Health Maternal and Perinatal Committee issued a
    directive against maternal-request cesareans in public hospitals,
    stating "maternal request on its own is not an indication for elective
    cesarean section." 

  • Utah
    Releases Report of Outcomes of Licensed Direct-Entry Midwives

    2005, direct-entry midwives gained licensure in the state of Utah.
     Included in the act was a provision requiring the Licensed
    Direct-Entry Midwife Board to present an annual report to the
    legislature.  This first report, released at the end of
    November, covers the eight-month period between January, 2006-August,
    2006.  Some highlights include:

    • an
      overall 10.6% transfer rate, with 9 out of 10 transfers having positive
    • a c-section rate of 2.1%.  By
      comparison, the national average is 30.2%.
  • Motherhood Exhibit and Project

    The International Museum of Women announces the launch of the Motherhood Exhibit and
    Project, running from March 8 through the end of June at http://imaginingourselves.imow.org.
    This online interactive exhibit includes film, photography, literature and art.

    Explore the whole online International Museum of Women if you have
    time --
    there is a lot about childbirth from around the world.

  • Reclaiming
    Midwives: Pillars of Community Support

    exhibit in Washington D.C. describes the contributions of midwives such as Mary Francis
    Hill Coley, a Georgia midwife who is featured in an award-winning
    documentary 'All My Babies: A Midwife's Own Story,' and Maude Callen, a
    certified nurse-midwife whose life's work in rural South Carolina is
    documented in a 1951 Life magazine photo essay.

In The Research

  • Persistence
    of Placenta Previa According to Gestational Age at Ultrasound Detection

    Gestational age at ultrasound detection of placenta previa may
    be used to predict likelihood of previa persistence. After
    midpregnancy, risk of persistence appears to be higher than previously
    reported. Type of placentation and prior cesarean delivery are
    important factors that modify the risk that previa will complicate

  • VBAC vs. Elective Repeat Cesarean in moms with a Prior Vaginal Delivery

    In this study published late last year, researchers looked in to the
    outcomes of women with both a cesarean and a prior vaginal delivery
    choosing VBAC or Elective Repeat Cesarean in subsequent pregnancies.
     Results pointed clearly to "decreased risk [in women choosing
    VBAC] for overall major maternal morbidities, as well as maternal fever
    and transfusion requirement compared with women who elect repeat
    cesarean delivery"  The study went on to recommend that
    "physicians should make this more favorable benefit-risk ratio explicit
    when counseling this patient subpopulation on a trial of labor."

Get Active

ICAN Advocacy Committee

Are you fed up with the state of birth in America?

Do you find yourself fantasizing about "doing something" about it?

Have I got a proposition for YOU!

I am the new Advocacy Director for ICAN. I am recruiting people to be
on my committee -- to discuss, refine and make recommendations to the
Board and then follow through on those recommendations. Many hands
make for light work so the more people who are willing to do a little
bit, there less we each have to do and the more we get done.

If you are interested, please advocacy@ican-online.org">email me to let me know and I'll send
you an invite to the list.

And, just to spread the interest around, Advocacy will be working
quite closely with Development and PR -- so if either of those areas
are a bit more in your interest, please contact those directors --
pr@ican-online.org">PR or development@ican-online.org">Development .

Birth World Congress

September 27 to 30, 2007
Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
Barbara Harper, Waterbirth International, is putting together an
international conference that is sure to inspire and educate (go to the
link above for full information and list of speakers). Mark your
calendars now! Early bird discount registration lasts until May. I hope to
see you there. Gloria Lemay, Vancouver


When you are searching online, go to www.goodsearch.com
and type in "International Cesarean Awareness Network" as the
organization to support. ICAN's main address is Redondo Beach, which
should pop up automatically (typing "ICAN" won't get it to come up).
Each search gives .01 to ICAN. Doesn't sound like much, but the pennies
add up!

Donate Now!

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