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41 ~*~ 15 August 2007

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In The News
  • Misourri
    Midwives: One Step Forward, One Step Back

    for Missouri Midwives appears to have suffered a blow recently.
     A hard-won provision in a bill allowing for CPM licensure was
    found to be unconstitutional in the state's court system.
     This tale, which includes the story of a politician risking
    his career for what he believes is right and a equally vocal
    opposition, is clearly not over.

  • Sarah
    Buckley's Article Elicits a Loud Response

    Buckley's article,
    Mothers Not Just Too Posh to Push, featured in the last eNews edition
    elicited quite a response.  Published online, these letters --
    from both sides of the opinion fence -- go a long way toward raising
    awareness in the general public of this important issue. 

  • Charges
    Against California Midwife Dropped

    Arrested at
    gun-point, while at work, and in front of her patients, California
    Nurse Midwife Marcia McCulley is one of the few remaining health care
    providers in Southern California to support women seeking VBAC.
     Her arrest appeared to be the product of a "witch hunt"
    initiated by a physician.  In May, the charges were dropped,
    including a statement of surprise by the Assistant DA that the
    accusations had gone so far and had been handled so poorly.  

In The Research

  • World
    Health Organization Reproductive Health Indicators Database On-Line

    world-wide, regional and country data, this on-line database is an
    excellent resource for up-to-date information regarding, among other
    statistics, perinatal mortality, low birthweight, and maternal

  • Postterm
    Delivery Predicts Subsequent Late Birth

    "Women with a history of post-term birth have a nearly two
    fold risk of a subsequent post-term birth, suggesting that genetic or
    other common factors may influence the likelihood of abnormal
    parturition timing."  Abnormal?
     Or just another setting on the clock that times the duration
    of gestation?  Interesting reading, either way.

  • Vaginal
    Birth and Incontinence

    In this study, pairs of sisters, one having given birth to at
    least one child, one having not delivered at all, were compared. No
    statistical difference was found in rates of incontinence between the
    women who had given birth and those who hadn't. More likely predictors
    included factors that tend to run in families, such as body mass index,
    hypertension, and pelvic floor integrity.

From the Women of ICAN

In some
ways, it goes against common sense: with at least one successful VBAC
under their belt, Mom's seeking a second VBAC should feel confident and
sure.  Instead, it's an often-echoed sentiment on the ICAN
List that the very opposite is true.  Have I pushed my luck?
some second-and-more-time VBAC moms ask themselves.  What if
my number is up?  And why am I consumed with these thoughts?
 These very real feelings were recently expressed on the list,
to which list-member Stacy Callahan had a wonderful response.
 Her words speak to all VBAC moms, not just those seeking a
VBAC for a second (or third, or fourth!) time:

Golly, I
think there are two big questions there (at least) and one of them is,
"Why am I going through this?" Because you are pregnant. I don't mean
to sound flip, I am not. I am convinced that we enter some altered
cogntive/emotional state when we are pregnant, and it has profound
effects on how we feel, how we see the world... etc. I think for the
most part it is pretty healthy. I mean, we worry about stuff that could
hurt us, we have concern for our babies, and we seek support which is
what pregnant women need! Support, and lots of it!

So... I
think it is normal.  Why at 15 vs. 40 weeks? Who knows? But I
don't think there is a time limit. Not related to birth, but in
general, one thing about feelings is that they can make us feel really
weird/bad/scared and on top of that, we may really fight against it. We
keep saying "ACCCKKKKK! I don't want/need to feel this way, but I am!"
and it makes it even worse.

So perhaps a bit of
advice I would want to give you is, the feeling is there. Let it be
there. It isn't a sure thing. It isn't a premonition. It is a feeling,
and although it may seem overwhelming at times, it really, really,
cannot hurt you.

You know better than many of
us, you can't control much about pg and birth, and whenever I hear that
voice of "What if" I always think I am trying to control it... but
there is nothing to control.

I bet it is surprising since you weren't
anticipating another baby, and I suspect that if it had been in your
plans all along, you would STILL have these doubts, fears, etc.

a researcher/clinician, I would just love to empirically 'prove' that
we are in an altered state while pregnant. I remember feeling it. I
have observed it so many times, and I think it is at the root of us
being manipulated by the system far too often.


Sometimes an ICAN List member seems to
disappear, only to reappear with something to share that impacts us
all.  Shelley created this slideshow
as a part of her own healing journey.  By sharing her very
personal story with others, she's undoubtedly helping others heal as
well.  Thank you, Shelley, for sharing your story.
 (Slideshow can be viewed in Internet Explorer

Get Active

Your Message Proudly!

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Talk It Up

Come together the second
Monday of every month to chat with fellow ICANers.  In a "chat
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talk with fellow ICANers about birth, VBAC, cesarean healing, and
whatever other topics that come up.  Ask questions, share
stories...it's all there on ICAN's MommyChat.  The next chat
be Monday, July 9th.  "See" you there! 

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