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I'm very inspired by these stories and hope travel down the VBA2C path.  I had an emer-c/s and a planned c/s after being told a VBAC was impossible.  I didn't do any research, just went with what the doctor said.  Now, I wish I had been more informed, for I even have friends supportive of VBAC and HBAC.  This time, I've done the research, but am soooo very scared--scared for my safety, for the baby, of the needle in my back, of the pain--though I imagine pretty common fears among c/s moms.  I would love to attempt a VBA2C, at this point I'm leaning toward doing it in a hospital which means a 2+ hour drive to Sacramento.  I have just under 3 months to decide...any advice would be greatly appreciated.

vba2c, i did it!!!!

I had a VBA2C.  I did not have complete support but the main thing is to believe in yourself and your body.  1st C-sec was due to baby being breech and 2nd one attempted VBAC but failed/baby heart rate dropping/stalled dilitation at a7 then back to a 4 (cervix swelling).  I was told my pelvis was too small, but baby only weighed 6lb7oz.    7 months later I fell pregnant again and really wanted a vbac.  I saw a midwife and she agreed to see me for prenatal care, but that I would have to consult with OB doctor for VBAC.  Consulted with OB doctor toward end of pregnancy and she said she was "not hopeful" of vbac for me and my chances of a vbac was very low because of the short period between my last pregnancy and the current pregnancy, my uterus was single stitched/not doubled, and cause I've had two c-sections.  Oh and plus, my pelvis was too small....Anyways, she said I was the patient wasn't  going to force me into another c-section, but highly recommended it.  Plus the hospital where I was going to give birth is has 24 hour oncall doctors there for emergencies.  So when my water broke (on its own) and I went into labor, the resident with the oncall OB doctor and their enterouge came and discussed risks of vbac again (the hospital rule) which I clearly heard many times.  I had a midwife and a wonderful L&D nurse who went with the flow of how my labor was progressing and did not push me at all about surgery.  I changed positions a lot, refused pain medications, epidural, etc.  They did attach a fetal scope to my baby's head to monitor his heart cause it was a must and I could not refuse it.  After 8 hours of laboring (6 of hard laboring), my baby was born.  No surgery!!!  It was the first time my baby did not have to go the NICU and my baby could room with me.  I did lose a lot of blood, they said as much as a c-section.  But I did not care.  I got my VBAC.  Research, educate, believe, and prepare yourself.  Also, if you can, try to exercise during pregnancy and

eat well.  I believed both of those things helped me a lot during labor.  I hope this helps you make your decision, but you must trust yourself and know what the risks are to you and your baby. 


Very inspirational, makes me

Very inspirational, makes me more determined than ever to have a VBA2C! Thanks for posting

Thank you!

Thank you for making this video.  After two c-sections everyone around me had given up hope.  They're all afraid.  But not me.  I'm convinced now more than ever that I can do this.  That I can have a vba2c and successfully give birth to my baby.  Thank you for the hope, promise, and encouragement that this video gives. 

How beautiful!

This brought tears to my eyes! Both of my children (planned on homebirths) ended up as c-sections after having horrible back labor both times. I was heartbroken! This is such an encouragement to me! Even if I never get the chance to try again, I KNOW that I can do it! No matter what people say, I know my body was made to birth! It's so encouraging to see others like me who have done it! I feel such joy for them!

I want what I want!

I want to have a homebirth so badly after my 2 traumatic c-sections. The second leaving me with almost unbearable PPD. But I cannot find a midwife willing to help me (it is illegal in my state for them to help me). It is a very hopeless feeling.  I know I can do it but the law is keeping me from getting what I want! I am just so frustrated! I think I would be too scared to try an unassisted homebirth and I know my husband would be terrified!

Re: I want what I want!

It is illegal in my state as well, but not for a traveling midwife to do so.  And I went to www.birthpartners.com and found a traveling midwife willing to do my birth at home.  plus my insurance will pay for it because she is listed as a provider with them.  It can happen.  As ladies told me in this group before, there is ALWAYS a way!!!

I want what I want!

Although far from ideal,  you can travel to another state, or find a traveling midwife willing to travel to you.  I know that those options are unappealing in many ways, but it gives you the potential of having the birth experience that you so desire!



One more looking forward to make a VBA3C!

I am very happy to find people that have done it after 3 ceserians. I am encouraged more now than I was before I saw this video.

My HBA3C video

HI ZorylainePerez1316


I'm glad to see you planning for a VBA3C. I would like to share our HBA3C video with you for a little more encouragment. Take care, keep the Faith.




Here it is, enjoy  >>> www.onetruemedia.com/otm_site/view_shared

count me in for VBA3C!

I too do not feel so alone in my desire for a VBA3C and my will is stronger than ever.  But why is it we have to fight through the medical system as well as our own maternal fears? We would have more support for an abortion, and yet to simply want to alow our bodies to complete  its process of pregnacy and birth in the most loving way  we are often labelled as bad mothers putting our babies at risk.



Another great statistic!

I remember vividly being told before my second Csec,"it is just like giving birth the other way". I was young and naive. The third Csec was planned early and the baby was obviously not ready to be born. So the 4th baby was not coming out of me until she was ready. I argued with Drs and nurses. I was rebellious. In the last month of my pregnancy I was told if I come in I would be hospitalized and sectioned so I remained home with no final appointment. After I went into labor, I went in expecting a repeat C but with a ready baby. The Dr on call that night left me to labor and I had the first VBAC in that hospital. It was a beautiful 11 hour labor (6 hours at home). My next birth was a quick hour labor and the next two after were home births! The final so far was with not one single intervention at all and we went to the mall the next day! I hope I can be somewhat of an inspiration. You CAN do it. Don't give up!

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