Leadership Profiles

Christa-Billings Christa Billings
ICAN President
Christa Billings has been involved with ICAN for 7 years and has served on the national level since Oct 2009. Christa joined the Board of Directors in March of 2012, in previous positions as Chapter Director and Vice President. Christa currently serves as the Chapter Leader for the ICAN of Portland Chapter. Christa is a mother to 3 girls. Her own birth experiences are what brought her to ICAN and shaped her passion for continued birth advocacy work. In her spare time she also serves as a Co-Leader to her daughters Girl Scout troop.

LaQuitha-Glass LaQuitha Glass
ICAN Secretary
LaQuitha Glass became involved with ICAN in 2012 after VBACing her second child when her first was born via scheduled cesarean due to breech presentation. This inspired her to help other mothers find alternative options to repeat cesareans by helping to co-found the ICAN of Evansville chapter located in Indiana. Before joining the Board for ICAN, she volunteered at the national level to help coordinate both the Educational and Support Webinars offered through the organization to subscribing members, and she currently serves in the role of Project Coordinator to help coordinate and plan various projects for ICAN nationally. When not volunteering for ICAN, LaQuitha homeschools her children. She enjoys traveling, reading a good book, and writing in her free time.

Mychel-Hefner Mychel Hefner
ICAN Treasurer
Mychel Hefner found ICAN in 2010 while looking for support for a VBAC with her third child. She received so much support on the forums from other moms who felt the same about their previous birth experiences; betrayed, disrespected, violated. It encouraged her to get more involved. She is currently the Chapter Leader for ICAN of the Foothills, serves as Regional Coordinator for the South East and Webmaster. She joined the Board in 2013. Mychel has three boys and an amazing husband who supported and “caught” their third baby via unassisted VBAC due to a lack of supported options. In addition to ICAN, Mychel homeschools her 3 boys, bakes and decorates cakes, collects Disney Snow Globes and tends to her many pets.