Leadership Profiles

Lindsey Seger
ICAN President
Lindsey Seger took great wisdom and encouragement from the ICAN e-list in 2007 while preparing for her VBAC. She swore if there was ever an ICAN chapter in her area she’d pay it forward by attending and sharing the meetings. True to her word, she was the first one in the door when her home chapter ICAN of Nashville started up! She’s been serving as Co-Leader and Chapter Leader there for five years. She joined the Board of Directors in 2014. In addition to ICAN, she supports couples as a childbirth instructor. Most of her free time is spent chasing after her two boys and laughing with her husband. When the opportunity presents itself, she enjoys a good card game, a long book, and a hot cup of tea.

ICAN Vice President

Megan Nickel-Martin
ICAN Secretary
Megan Nickel-Martin has been involved with ICAN since 2012 when she founded ICAN of Lee County, along with two other
mothers in her community. She has two children, a son born via cesarean in 2011 and a daughter born via VBAC in
2015. Her birth experiences opened her mind and her heart to the wide variety of emotions mothers feel during
pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period, which motivated her to get involved with ICAN. In addition to
being a mother and an ICAN volunteer, she is also a Birthing From Within mentor and doula. She has a bachelor’s
degree in Sociology with a minor in Women’s Studies from Florida Gulf Coast University. When she’s not supporting
mothers, she enjoys cooking, dance, art, fashion and music–especially her husband’s band.

Mychel Hefner Mychel Hefner
ICAN Treasurer
Mychel Hefner found ICAN in 2010 while looking for support for a VBAC with her third child. She received so much support on the forums from other moms who felt the same about their previous birth experiences; betrayed, disrespected, violated. It encouraged her to get more involved. She is currently the Chapter Leader for ICAN of the Foothills, serves as Regional Coordinator for the South East and Webmaster. She joined the Board in 2013. Mychel has three boys and an amazing husband who supported and “caught” their third baby via unassisted VBAC due to a lack of supported options. In addition to ICAN, Mychel homeschools her 3 boys, bakes and decorates cakes, collects Disney Snow Globes and plays in homeschool band with her son.

Lakeisha Dennis
Board Member At Large/Chapter Director
Lakeisha Dennis is an experienced and certified labor doula, perinatal educator, lactation counselor, ICAN Chapter Leader and community birth advocate from Newark, New Jersey. A theologian and Air Force veteran, her diverse background and work as a community doula informs her understanding that expectant families need care, education and support during the perinatal period that is relevant, and culturally competent and sensitive. She advocates the use of the midwifery model of care as a system for reducing disparities for families of color in New Jersey. Lakeisha also teaches comfort measures and labor support to nursing students at a local university and now mentors new birth advocates and professionals. She is an avid reader and loves to cook. In her spare time, you will catch her watching her favorite zombie movies.

 Christa-Billings Christa Billings
Board Emeritus
Christa Billings has been involved with ICAN for 7 years and has served on the national level since Oct 2009. Christa joined the Board of Directors in March of 2012, in previous positions as Chapter Director and Vice President. Christa currently serves as the Chapter Leader for the ICAN of Portland Chapter. Christa is a mother to 3 girls. Her own birth experiences are what brought her to ICAN and shaped her passion for continued birth advocacy work. In her spare time she also serves as a Co-Leader to her daughters Girl Scout troop.