Labyrinth of Birth


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Designed to transform the experience of childbirth, this manual calls upon the use of the timeless and powerful symbol of the labyrinth in 12 simple meditations and ceremonies.  Ideal as a tool for centering the self and calming the body and mind, this guide ushers readers through the inner journey of the childbearing year — from pregnancy and labor through the postpartum stage.  A variety of labyrinths — including four childbirth-related labyrinths from the Hopi and Papago cultures in the American Southwest and two others from India — are presented in this handbook and cover topics that include helping mothers focus on their emotional and spiritual state preparation for birth, aid in calming the mind and steadying breathing during birth, and allowing parents to fully process their experiences.  Instructions for drawing a classic labyrinth, ideas for personalizing the design, and labyrinth “seeds” –start-up patterns for six variations of labyrinth — also included.

Publication date: July 1, 2010

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