Nacer por Cesarean?


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Ibone Olza and Enrique Lebrero Martínez’s book, ¿Nacer por cesárea?/To be Born by Cesarean? :  How to Avoid Unnecessary Cesareans and Have Respectful Cesareans, is the kind of book that will help more women make informed decisions avoid an unnecessary cesarean. Ibone Olza is famous in the birthing world as the founder of the email list Apoyo Cesáreas (cesarean support) based in Spain. Her three children were born by cesarean, and she holds degrees in medicine and surgery, as well as a specialization in perinatal psychiatry. Her book, published in November 2005 and currently only available in Spanish, offers plenty of information with regard to informed consent and addresses the issues of emotional injury post-cesarean and the hype of uterine ruptures.

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