Birthing From Within – Virginia Bobro


Birthing From Within is dedicated to preventing and healing emotional birth trauma through excellent childbirth education for expectant parents, training for birth professionals, and Mentor & Doula certification programs. BFW was founded by Pam England (midwife and author of the ground-breaking book of the same name, published in 1998) after her planned homebirth ended in an unexpected cesarean. What she learned about herself, about the causes of trauma and how to lessen them, and about integrating and healing traumatic births is the core of our approach, which has been refined over years of experimentation and research, with input from thousands of mothers, fathers, and professionals from many disciplines. Birthing From Within offers training, support, and inspiration to birth workers, both lay and professional. Our workshops, continuing education, online courses, and certification programs create skilled, compassionate Mentors (childbirth educators), Doulas, and Birth Story Listeners around the world. We also offer private healing sessions (by phone or Skype) to anyone who has experienced or witnessed a difficult or traumatic birth.

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