Elements & Grace, LLC


The birth of a child is a pivotal moment in the narrative of a family, whether it be your first or 10th child each birth has a chapter (or a book!) of its own that changes the flow of the story.

As your birth doula I will provide:

Continuous Support – I am your point of contact for questions, resources, and evidence-based information before, during and after labor.  I am the unwavering & positive support for you and your support person during labor & after the birth.

Birth Plan Assistance – I believe in your birth, your way.  I will help you to plan for whatever you desire in the story of your birth and will help you to understand all of your options.

Education – in our prenatal visits we will address any concerns you may have, practice labor techniques & discuss the many facets of pregnancy management that can help you have the birth you desire.

Expertise – I am a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) expert.  I intimately understand the emotional & practical considerations needed to support a family in this type of birth.

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