Joy Szabo: Don't Roll Over and Take it

By now you’ve probably heard that Joy Szabo had her baby by VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). You can read about her fight for VBAC here. She graciously agreed to answer a few questions for us about her experience. Congratulations, Joy! ICAN Blog: You received a fair amount of media... Continue reading →

Misrepresenting the risks of cesarean (again)

While MSNBC should be commended for it’s recent article on unassisted childbirth, it also joins the ranks of media  misrepresentations of the true risks of cesarean surgery. Here’s a breakdown of the article: On the growing prevalence of unassisted birth: The number of home births unattended by either a doctor... Continue reading →

Duggars Support VBAC

Michelle Duggar (of TLC fame) is a VBAC mom thirteen times over. She and her husband Jim Bob had hoped for a fourteenth, but their newest baby girl was born at 25 weeks by emergency cesarean on December 10th. Nevertheless, the family remains pro-VBAC and even mention ICAN on their... Continue reading →