Volunteer of the Month: Sarah Holsombeck, October 2017

The International Cesarean Awareness Network is powered by the selfless efforts of our numerous volunteers. We cannot thank our dedicated volunteers enough for their cooperation and service in assisting ICAN with accomplishing its mission. In an effort to acknowledge some of our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to offer support, education, and advocacy for the mothers in their area, we have created a Volunteer of the Month announcement to highlight our supporters.


ICAN is pleased to announce Sarah Holsombeck, ICAN of Birmingham,

as the October 2017 Volunteer of the Month!

What led you to ICAN?

My doula directed me to ICAN after my first cesarean.

What motivates you as a volunteer?

Empowering and supporting women, particularly in birth and motherhood, is my primary motivation. But my own brokenness and pain over my two births moves me to reach out to other women and come alongside them as they experience similar struggles.

What are your other professions and passions outside of ICAN?

I’m currently a stay-at-home mom but some of my passions include music and songwriting, learning and teaching the Spanish language, urban education and renewal, racial reconciliation, supporting and learning from immigrant communities, and supporting breastfeeding mothers of multiples here in Birmingham.

What moment makes you proudest as an ICAN volunteer?

I’m a new volunteer, so I don’t have a lot of experience! But my proudest moment so far was the very first time I got to help a local mom learn about her birth options after a cesarean. That was really exciting for me.

What moment was hardest for you?

My hardest moments have involved dealing with my own disappointment and grief over my recent CBAC while simultaneously encouraging other moms in their desire for a VBAC. It can be easy to become bitter or resentful, but deep down I want so much for these women to have a wonderful, empowering birth experience!

Thank you for all you do, Sarah!

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