Alex’s Emergency Cesarean Birth Story

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After being in labor for nearly 24 hours, I was finally admitted into the hospital. They sent me home earlier as I was only 3 cm dilated. This time, only 3 hours later, I was 7cm. Contractions were intense and less than a minute apart. I knew baby was coming soon! I was told by a nurse that there were 3 women also in labor that needed emergency c-sections so I should get an epidural for pain while I wait for the doctor. I agreed. Now that I wasn’t in pain, they left me in a room for 6 hours before letting me push.

Finally, I started pushing. 3 hours of pushing. Next thing I know, the doctor comes into the room for the first time. She said I have a fever, my baby is in distress and that I need to have an emergency c-section to save our lives. Of course I agreed! What did I know?!?

They rushed me into the OR. As they were prepping me, I felt everything. The epidural was not good enough for the surgery. The last thing I remember hearing was “someone put her the f*ck to sleep!!” I woke up alone in recovery. Not one person around. Finally I yelled loud enough to get someone’s attention. “Am I still pregnant?” I remember asking. The person that was there said “I don’t know.” It took what seemed like an hour for him to find someone that knew what happened.

My son was rushed to NICU, where he spent the first 12 hours of his life. Alone. My husband was allowed to see him briefly enough to take a picture to show me. Turns out, he was perfectly healthy! Even the NICU team wasn’t sure why he was there!! Protocols left my son alone. Ridiculous.

That medical team let me down. I did not receive the care I deserved.

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Alex. Best wishes to you and your family!

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