Rebecca’s Family Centered Cesarean

Share your story with ICAN to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook! All cesarean and birth-after-cesarean stories are welcome: the difficult, the triumphant, the still-processing, and the stories which haven’t yet been shared. Sharing your birth story can be freeing, healing and profoundly powerful. It can bring others hope,... Continue reading →

A Dr. George Birth Story: The Birth of Chloe

I was a mother of four boys. My three oldest were born naturally but after my third I received a hard diagnosis. I was diagnosed with Intercranial Hypertension, a rear brain disease with no cure and honestly not much treatment at the moment. I had my first brain surgery in 2010 to place a vp shunt and that is when my dream of having... Continue reading →

The Birth of Baby B

By Melissa Debach This birth story is a reprint from the Spring 2015 edition of The Clarion, the official publication of ICAN. Become a member today to support ICAN and to subscribe! Photos courtesy of Erin Monroe Photography.   After the birth of my daughter ended in an unnecessary cesarean, I... Continue reading →