Finding a Provider

**For liability reasons, ICAN cannot provide a list of provider recommendations.  If this is your interest, please consider joining our Facebook Group to get suggestions more specific to your situation from other local mothers.**

Omaha Area Hospital Overall Cesarean Rates

Omaha Area Hospital NTSV Cesarean Rates

Omaha Area Midwife Practices – Overall Cesarean Rates

Omaha Area Midwife Practices – NTSV Cesarean Rates

Omaha Area Midwife Practices – VBAC Rates

Omaha Area Midwife Practices – VBAC Success Rates

VBAC Supportive vs Tolerant

Questions To Ask A Physician

Questions To Ask A Midwife

Questions To Ask A Doula

Questions To Ask A Hospital

Cesarean and VBAC Awareness

History of VBACs and Cesareans in the United States

Cesarean Section Trends in the United States – 1989-2015

13 Myths About Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Black Women Do VBAC

Birth By The Numbers

The VBAC Education Project

Maternity Care Issues

ACOG Practice Bulletin – Fetal Macrosomia

ACOG Practice Bulletin – VBAC

ACOG Practice Bulletin – Gestational Diabetes

ACOG Committee Opinion – Placenta Accreta

ACOG Practice Bulletin – Management of Late-Term and Post-Term Pregnancies

Failure To Progress – A Leading Cause of Unplanned C-Sections

Evidence For Induction or Cesarean For A Big Baby

Special Scars – The Studies

Laboring On The Monitors

The Suture Debate: Single or Double Layer?

How Long Should I Wait Between Pregnancies Before It Is Safe To VBAC?


Birth Trauma & Postpartum

Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Childbirth

Postpartum Support International

Postpartum Progress

CBAC (VBAC-turned-cesarean) Support

Empowered Cesarean

Family Centered Cesarean Birth Plan

Evidence For Skin-To-Skin Care After Cesarean

5 Unique Aspects Of A Family Centered Cesarean

Natural Cesarean: A Woman Centered Technique