We are moms who give our time and energy to ICAN and the Twin Cities birthing community simply to share with other women what we have learned   We do not get paid and several of us also have full time jobs besides our families.  Serving women is a passion we are so lucky to do.  If we can help one woman have an empowered birth, then we are a success.  Fortunately, we have walked the path with many!

Chapter Leader: Jill VanderZiel

Chapter Public Relations: Katie Champ

Phone: 1-800-686-4226 ext 129
email: twincities.mn@ican-online.org


 Chapter Leader

5675306Jill VanderZiel joined the board a few years ago and has brought much energy and brains.  She jumped right in to Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo planning and meeting organization, and helps teach teach the Cesarean Prevention class.






Chapter Co-Leaders

5651494Katie Champ joined the ICAN board while pregnant with you son and planning her VBAC.  She has a daughter born by cesarean under general anesthesia and a son born by HBAC at home.  She brings great energy to the board with her new ideas! She is our Social Media guru, managing the Facebook Group and chapter public relations.






3415042Kara Wurden has been with ICAN for over 7 years, as Chapter Leader, as treasurer for the ICAN International, and as active board member.  Her good sense and experience helps keep our chapter successful and vital.






5828623Alexis Scott is a mama to two boys, ages 3 and 1 and joined the ICAN board in 2013. First birth was an emergency c/sec under general anesthetic in 03/2010 followed by a drug-free VBAC water birth in 08/12. Alexis is focusing on moderating the social media group and connecting the Latino community with her cross-cultural back ground and bilingual skills. Alexis was also born with congenital heart defects (CHD) and is interested in advocating for moms with pre-existing health conditions that may want a VBAC but are not able to pursue home-births, birth centers, or midwifery groups due to these conditions..





1071451Kelly Lillibridge is a licensed therapist and active in the social service community. She will be heading up the blog and managing the lending library.







10547670_10204031999428634_3237431291247348676_nJessica Anderson is our newest board member.  She has 2 girls.  Her first a cesarean and second VBAC.  She has been a wonderful asset to the board!