We are moms who give our time and energy to ICAN and the Twin Cities birthing community simply to share with other women what we have learned   We do not get paid and several of us also have full time jobs besides our families.  Serving women is a passion we are so lucky to do.  If we can help one woman have an empowered birth, then we are a success.  Fortunately, we have walked the path with many!

Chapter Leader: Jessica Anderson

Chapter Co-Leaders: Andrea Moonen and Carolin Gharbi

Phone: 1-800-686-4226 ext 129
email: twincities.mn@ican-online.org


 Chapter Leader

Jessica Anderson has been with ICAN of the Twin Cities for 5 years, and is also still a part of the Twin Cities Birth and Baby Expo executive planning committee, which started from previous members of ICAN leadership. Her cesarean, and planning of her first vbac are what ultimately led her to ICAN, and has since had an hbac and attended over one hundred births as a doula, with a large portion of them being TOLAC.





Chapter Co-Leaders

Andrea’s first two sons were born via Cesarean in 2007 and 2010. She started attending Mother to Mother support meeting while pregnant with her third son in 2013. ICAN is where she gained knowledge and support to continue her journey to her VBAC2C. She continued attending support meetings all the while pregnant with her fourth son. This time ICAN supported her through her journey for a home birth in 2016. Andrea was a volunteer for ICAN from 2016 to 2018 and in 2018 Andrea became a chapter leader!