Chapter Leader

Corrine Flatt


My First birth was a cesarean due to physician distress. I didn’t dig it, and embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-advocacy that led to a HBAC in 1995, and then, needing to share what I had learned, soon led to working with pregnant, birthing, breastfeeding, and growing families. My greatest delight is witnessing families take ownership of their own choices as parents, growing in confidence, and learning to make fully informed, confident, joyful, powerful choices for their birth, and then for every other choice in parenting and in life. At home, I am a wife and mother, homeschooling, and curating two private libraries, continuously seeking truth, beauty, and goodness.


Chapter Co-Leader

Devin Blazvick



I am a loving wife and mother of 3 children, the second of which was born via cesarean section. My first was born via forceps, and the third was a beautiful HBAC. I am constantly learning and growing in my pre/post childbirth education. I hope to help as many mothers as I can, to have the birth they choose. I would love to meet you! Please join us at our monthly chapter meetings, or call or email with any questions. I am happy to help!