Board of Directors

Brianna Barker
ICAN President/Advocacy Director
Brianna is a mother, wife, and volunteer at home Mom. She is the leader and founder of the Huntsville chapter of the International Cesarean Awareness Network commonly known as ICAN whose mission is to improve maternal-child health by reducing preventable cesareans through education, support cesarean recovery, and advocate for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). An important message Brianna shares is reminding cesarean mothers that they are scarred not broken and facilitating a safe place/ support group for mothers to share their personal experiences. Brianna has contributed to the North Alabama birth community by being the forerunner and developer with her ICAN leadership team, of a pilot program, the “Doula Grant for Expectant Mothers”, this grant , awarded once a quarter, helps assist with a portion of the cost of a doula for mothers in need. She is passionate about supporting mothers and advocating for a system that provides integrated, evidence-based, respectful care options in all settings with particular concern for fully informed consent, and respect for patient’s rights surrounding both cesarean sections and Trial of Labor After Cesarean.

Justen Alexander
ICAN Vice President
Justen has been involved with ICAN since 2013, and has been a Chapter Co-Leader in Huntsville, Alabama since 2015. She has had two cesareans, and one VBA2C. Her main focus in ICAN has been advocacy work, including obtaining the VBA2C clarification from ACOG, as well as attending and speaking at hospital board meetings and conferences, writing letters to physicians, speaking out against unethical practices, and working to increase VBAC  and Family Centered Cesarean access. Justen also volunteers with The Good Earth, LLC., where she helps families navigate through the process of Home Funerals and Green burials, and assists in the burial process. She is passionate about collaborating with birth professionals in the path to improving maternal-child health.

Kelly Hufnagel
ICAN Treasurer
Kelly learned about ICAN in 2016 while researching options after her traumatic first birth experience.  She began attending meetings after her second birth, a TOLAC turned emergency repeat Cesarean, in search of emotional support and a space to share her story.  The support she found there inspired her to become a chapter co-leader for ICAN of Tampa Bay in 2018. She has a passion for educating families about their birth options and supporting them in whatever decision is best for them.  She strives to provide emotional support for all parents, and especially other CBAC moms. Outside of ICAN, Kelly works as a financial analyst. She is excited to combine her love of numbers with her desire to improve maternal-child health.

Samantha Wall
ICAN Secretary
Samantha found ICAN shortly after the birth of her first daughter by cesarean.  The mission of ICAN spoke to her heart and she knew immediately this was something she wanted to be a part of.  The support she found through ICAN was invaluable to her while she planned for her VBAC.  Samantha also fills the role of Assistant Chapter Director and is a Chapter Leader for ICAN of Omaha.  She has a strong passion for helping women achieve informed and empowered birth experiences through education and support. Samantha is currently completing her Master’s of Public Health degree and plans to use her new degree to continue promoting woman-centered, evidence-based maternity and childbirth care.  Outside of her childbirth advocacy work, Samantha enjoys traveling and photography.

Brittany Healy
ICAN Chapter Director

Brittany became involved in cesarean support and recovery in 2016 shortly after the birth of her first son. ICAN’s mission of education, advocacy, and support drove her to become a leader of the Triad chapter of ICAN. As a maternal near miss survivor she is passionate about improving birth outcomes, maternal mental health, and traumatic birth support and healing. Brittany loves helping families navigate their options surrounding VBAC but also holds a special place in her heart for families planning cesareans and exploring gentle and family centered cesarean choices. She believes in the power of education and information and hopes that every family has the opportunity to experience a safe, fulfilling, empowering birth – no matter the mode of delivery. Outside of ICAN Brittany serves her community as a birth and bereavement doula. She welcomed her second son in 2018 via CBAC. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, enjoying food, music, and reading.