Who is the International Cesarean Awareness Network?

ICAN aims to sustain a community of peers that can truly change each other’s lives for the better, spread accountability where it is due, and demonstrate that sometimes healing our trauma can inspire a fight for change to protect those who come after us.

Brianna Barker
ICAN President

Peer to Peer


Peers connected in ICAN’s support spaces



ICAN is 100% volunteer from the Board of Directors, to Executive Teams, Committees, and Local community Chapter Leaders. Over 12,000 volunteer hours were given toward our mission in 2020.

Cities Worldwide


ICAN Chapter leaders host free support meetings around the globe to improve access to support, eduction, and advocacy.



What began 40 years ago as a kitchen-table childbirth education class between neighbors has become a peer-to-peer network that educates & supports birthing people and advocates for dignified Cesareans worldwide.

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