Finding a Provider

**For liability reasons, ICAN can’t provide a list of recommended providers. If this is your concern, we hope you’ll join our local Facebook Group and ask the ladies for their best suggestions for your situation.**

TN Hospital Cesarean Rates

Questions to Ask a Physician

Questions to Ask a Midwife

Questions to Ask a Homebirth Midwife

Questions to Ask a Doula

Questions to Ask a Hospital

Cesarean and VBAC Awareness

“VBAC is a safe and reasonable option for most women and is, in fact, safer than repeat Cesarean for many.”  ~ Marilynn Frederiksen, MD, NIH Panel

Questions to ask HOSPITAL_BIRTH CENTER about VBAC

Questions to ask PROVIDER about VBAC

Resources for VBAC and Physiological Birth

Childbirth Connection: VBAC

History of VBACs and Cesareans in the USA

What Every Pregnant Woman Needs to Know about Cesarean


Cesarean Section Trends in the US, 1989-2014

Birth by the Numbers

13 Myths about Vaginal Birth after Cesarean

Black Women do VBAC

Maternity Care Issues

“If I don’t know my options, I don’t have any.” ~ Diana Korte

Laboring on the Monitors

Special Scars: The Studies

The Suture Debate: Single or Double-Layer?

The Evidence for Induction/Cesarean for a Big Baby

Failure to Progress: A Leading Cause of Unplanned Cesareans

How Long Should I Wait between Pregnancies before it’s Safe to VBAC?

ACOG Guidelines: Vaginal Birth after Previous Cesarean Delivery

ACOG Guidelines: Management of Late-Term & Post-Term Pregnancies

ACOG Guidelines: Maternal Decision Making, Ethics, and the Law

Placenta Accreta Support

Birth Trauma/Postpartum

A birth is defined as traumatic if the woman was or believed she or her baby was in danger of injury or death, and she felt helpless, out of control, or alone.

Filing a Complaint Against a Tennessee Health Care Facility or Provider

Prevention and Treatment of Traumatic Birth

Postpartum Support International

Solace for Mothers

Postpartum Progress

CBAC (VBAC-turned-cesarean) Support

Supporting Women Recovering From Trauma and PTSD

Empowered Cesarean

An ’empowered cesarean’ allows parents to incorporate some of the aspects of childbirth that are important to them (witness the delivery, holding the infant right away, immediate breastfeeding, etc).


Birth Film: Jaspar’s Family Centered Cesarean

Cesarean Birth Plan Menu

Natural Cesarean: A Woman-Centered Technique

Writing a Cesarean Birth Plan

The Evidence for Skin-to-Skin after a Cesarean

Five Unique Aspects of Family Centered Cesarean