How to Find a Florida Hospital’s Cesarean Section Rate

The following is a list of Tampa Bay area hospitals and their corresponding cesarean rates for the years 2014-2016.  Cesarean rates above the regional average are notated in red.

Tampa Bay Cesarean Rates


To find the c-section rate of a hospital in Florida, first follow this link:

Under Step 1, select Hospitals –Inpatient Care, then click Continue

Under Step 2, select Hospital Performance, Health Outcome and Pricing Information, then click Continue

Under Step 3, select Search by medical condition/procedure, and then click Continue.

You will then be directed to a new screen.

Under Step 1, select Deliveries (all ages) and Newborns.

Select Cesarean Section Delivery (All Ages), then View Results.

This will list the number of cesarean sections of all the hospitals in Florida. Find the hospital you are looking for and write the number of Total Hospitalizations down. This is the number of cesareans performed.

Next, click the back button on your browser.

Now select Vaginal Delivery (All Ages), then View Results.

Again, find the hospital you are looking for and write the number down under Total Hospitalizations. This is number of vaginal deliveries.

Now add your two numbers together to get the total number of deliveries, vaginal and cesarean. Take the number of cesarean deliveries, divide it by your total number and then multiply it by 100. This gives you the cesarean rate for this particular hospital.

For example, if the hospital you are looking at had 645 cesareans, and 6374 vaginal births:

645 + 6374 = 7019

645 / 7019 = 0.0919

0.0919 X 100 = 9.19

This facility had a c-section rate of 9.19% for the time period listed.

Usually cesarean section rates for a year are available by May the following year. To make it easier, I have calculated some of the local hospital’s cesarean section rates for 2009:

43.6% St. Joseph’s Woman’s Hospital Hillsborough 3,014 of 6,913
42.9% Brandon Regional Hospital Hillsborough 1,434 of 3,341
41.8% University Community Hospital Hillsborough 1,004 of 2,400
41.0% Bayfront Medical Center Pinellas 1,268 of 3,093
40.3% Mease Countryside Hospital Pinellas 709 of 1,761
31.8% Tampa General Hospital Hillsborough 1,601 of 5,040
30.8% Morton Plant Hospital Pinellas 924 of 2,999