Welcome to ICAN, Victoria Lero of Baton Rouge!

ICAN is excited to announce Victoria Lero as our newest chapter leader! She has completed training and will be leading ICAN of Baton Rouge!

“Moms are free to choose what is best for them and their baby, but education to make those choices is key.” ~ Victoria Lero, ICAN of Baton Rouge

Tell us about the birth climate in your area.

Our chapter covers Baton Rouge, LA. We have a high rate of cesareans and the mothers do not have access to enough (and proper) birth education through their medical providers, but it does seem to be changing toward a family and mother-centered birth mindset, and there is a hospital here with a great VBAC success rate.

Why did you get involved with ICAN?
I originally found ICAN through our chapter’s previous leader, Hannah Birchman. This was after my first cesarean and before my 2nd pregnancy, I was excited to meet other moms going through the same thing I was going through, as well as find education and support for a VBAC and potential CBAC. There is so much more to ICAN than just VBAC support. While it is mother focused, it also offers education for the public and first-time moms. It’s also for cesarean support. I’m excited about educating moms and their support (dads, parents, friends, etc), and supporting other moms through their cesareans and VBACs, to let them know that they are not alone and they have options. Some of my strongest beliefs about c/s and VBAC awareness are the choices available to moms and their partners and the education to make those choices. They are free to choose what is best for them and their baby, but education to make those choices is key.
Please share a little about yourself!
I am a mom of two boys, ages 2 and 6 months. I have a bachelor’s degree in English (Creative Writing), and a Paralegal certification, however, I am currently working my dream job as a mother. I am deeply fascinated by and interested in pregnancy and birth (both the natural and medicinal sides of it). If I could redo my college career I would have pursued midwifery or even obstetrics and gynecology (if I were brave enough to go for a doctorate of medicine).
Next meeting?
We have two meetings in April:
The first is our provider panel meeting with Dr. Dickerson and providers from Associates in Women’s Health. This meeting is open to the public. https://www.facebook.com/events/1327530543997268/ April 12, at 6:30 PM at Woman’s Hospital Conference room 3.

This is our support meeting for the month, open to all moms who have had a cesarean or are planning a cesarean. https://www.facebook.com/events/978010765664196/ April 19, at 6:30 PM at Woman’s Hospital Conference room 4.
Congrats, Victoria! We can’t wait to see what you and your chapter get up to!

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