Day 27 – Placenta Gives Life, But Can Also Kill as C-Section Rate Climbs

abc_barbara_george_ml_140313_12x5_1600“Normally, the Nitabach layer prevents the placenta from invading the uterine wall. But a Caesarian, or any kind of surgery, including an abortion or a D&C (dilation and curettage), can destroy that layer allowing the placenta to invade the body cavity.”

“The numbers are shocking,” Karkowsky told “It’s something women should know about.”

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Day 26 – Accreta Pics

A Look at an Accreta OR: All hands on deck for both baby and mother during an accreta delivery… . Follow ICAN on facebook, pinterest, and instagram. Like and share our accreta pics! . #ICANsavelives Read about ICAN’s Accreta Awareness Month. .

Day 24 – Risks to Mother and Baby

“While the risks of placenta accreta are considerable and women need to be informed about them, they must be kept in perspective. Many women with placenta accreta do reasonably well, as do their babies. If you have accreta, don’t read the list of possible risks below and panic. Remember that these are... Continue reading →