Support Accreta Awareness

Willow7Accreta is a life changing diagnosis. Living everyday knowing that you are facing a 7% mortality rate is devastating. Waking up after surgery to hear that you had an undiagnosed accreta when you never, ever expected something like that is devastating. Loosing your fertility because of accreta is devastating. What adds to that devastation is never hearing the word accreta before you are diagnosed. ACOG recognizes that the incidence of placenta accreta has increased and seems to parallel the increasing cesarean delivery rate. So many women have and will face this diagnosis after having cesareans. The risks associated with accreta has never been explained to them. We can change that. We can bring awareness to accreta and to the risk factors. We can bring awareness to accreta so that moms can truly make an educated decision when looking at the risk and benefits between a VBAC and a repeat cesarean.

We are very excited to have this shirt for sale. The proceeds will go to support ICAN of Hagerstown and Frederick and future accreta education and advocacy efforts.

Birth Grief

Guest post submitted by Natalie Short of ICAN of Birmingham, AL. Sadness, anger, disappointment, anxiety – sometimes our emotions postpartum are unexpectedly heavy. A lot more has been written in recent times about the legitimacy of birth grief and birth trauma, and, increasingly, women dealing with these emotions postpartum don’t... Continue reading →

Birth Story: Cassandra’s VBA2C

By Cassandra Forcier (originally shared in the ICAN of Chicago Facebook group) WE DID IT!!! On November 12th my daughter was born vaginally with no epidural. Juniper Celeste 9lb 8 oz, 20 3/4 inches It was the biggest single accomplishment I could have made. I didn’t do it alone. I really... Continue reading →