Day 21 – A Breakdown of Risk: Comparing VBAC & Repeat Cesarean


When women with a prior cesarean are discussing the possibility of VBAC with their provider, uterine rupture takes center stage. Uterine rupture is a real but rare complication that is increased when women attempt a vaginal birth after a cesarean.

When discussing the possibility of repeat cesarean, placenta previa and accreta are far less likely to be mentioned even though, by the third cesarean, the risk of previa and/or accreta is higher than the overall risk of uterine rupture. Additionally, if previa is present, the chances of accreta sky rocket. Women, especially those open to a large family, may be entirely unaware that they are headed down a path that can lead to a 7% mortality rate.

To reduce the incidence of previa and accreta, cesarean rates must decrease. Women must have access to VBAC. Unfortunately, providers that prioritize avoiding a primary cesarean when possible are rare, and VBAC friendly providers are more rare still. VBAC bans and limited access restrictions are rampant, even though ACOG maintains that VBAC is a safe and reasonable option for most women.


No birth is risk-free, but women should be able to choose which risks they are willing to take on because they – their family, their kids, their future children – are the ones who have to live with the outcomes.



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Day 19 – Connecting on Social Media

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Day 18 – Virtual Blood Drive

Blood donation can be the difference between life and death for women with accreta, so select ICAN chapters are holding blood drives this month to help bring awareness to accreta and other birth-related blood loss. For those that do not have a local chapter blood drive but still want to donate, a virtual blood... Continue reading →