Volunteer Positions

Available Positions:

  • Grant Writer
  • Fundraising/Sponsorship Coordinator
    • Develop strategies to improve ICAN’s fundraising abilities
    • Secure donation items for silent auctions and giveaways on a continual basis.
    • Consider ways to gain sponsorship of ICAN in general or specific ICAN events
    • Work closely with the social media and website volunteers to create awareness of the event
  • Facebook Chapter Admin
    • Create pages and groups for new chapters
    • Update existing pages and groups
    • NOT moderating pages/groups
  • VBAC Ban Database Team
    • Coordinate calling efforts to determine a hospital’s VBAC ban status
  • Conference Chair
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee Members
    • Engage in an on-going examination of ICAN’s internal and external practices
    • Contribute to continuing cultural awareness and bias education for Chapter Leaders
    • Promote our fund for Chapter Leaders of Color
    • Raise awareness of the bias in the maternity system faced by WOC, the differently abled, LGBTQ, the poor, the women of size, teen moms, etc
    • Create access to information and training to non-English speakers
    • Review our material including its sources and resources for inclusiveness
    • Apply here!
  • Support Director
    • Provide timely and comprehensive information to CLs about programs and other matters of interest
    • Promote increased knowledge of ICAN’s policies, events, activities, and any changes thereof
    • Creates opportunities to communicate with CLs regularly (monthly newsletter, etc)
    • Checks in with CLs on a regular basis looking for burnout, training needs, support needs, life events that are causing temporary issues with duties, problem-solving, etc.  
  • Clarion Editor
    • Solicits and selects appropriate articles, poems, birth stories, artwork, and editorials for the Clarion
    • Edits final drafts of articles for style, clarity, and content
    • Determines priority of articles
    • Makes a schedule of publication and ensures it is kept
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    • Keep job descriptions for each volunteer assignment
    • Survey staff regularly to assess the need for short-term jobs
    • Suggest positions to applicants for volunteer work
    • Publicize opportunities for volunteers positions and short-term jobs
    • Provide ongoing support for volunteers
  • Webinar Coordinator
    • Brainstorm new topics to present in ICAN webinar format
    • Be a liaison between speakers and ICAN during the development of webinars
    • Set up and provide support for webinar recordings
    • Make webinars available to the ICAN network

Available Short-Term Tasks

  • Data Entry – updating the “Find Your Chapter” section on our website.  Simple task, copying off of spreadsheet.


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We always have mom-sized jobs. If you would like to volunteer your time and talents to ICAN, please fill out an application

or contact ICAN’s Volunteer Coordinator, for more information on how you can help!

Email: volunteer@ican-online.org