Volunteer Positions


Available Positions

The following positions are available:

  • Southeast Regional Coordinator
    • Term and Requirements2 years, Current member of ICAN, Volunteer, Non-voting position, Appointed or elected by Board, Resident of region nice (but not required), Previous CL experience nice (but not required), Training will be provided!
    • Job Requirements:
      • Encourages the growth and well-being of ICAN’s presence within the region.
        • Vets and interviews people applying for new chapter officer positions.
        • Acts as a sounding board for chapters, particularly new ones, in the areas of publicity, advertising, fundraising, and meeting planning.
        • Connects individuals making inquiries with their nearest chapter.
        • Helps CLs talk through issues and brainstorm solutions.
      •  Serves as liaison between their CLs and the Chapter Director/Board.
        • Relates regional activity and needs to the Chapter Director, who reports to the Board.
        • Responds to the Chapter Director when information is requested.
      • Addresses questions/issues arising on CMRs with the chapter in question.
      • Forwards reports to the Chapter Director, as well as copies of all chapter correspondence, for the chapter file.
      • If applicable, helps organize any Regional or National Conferences in the region whenever they take place and presides over same, if asked to do so by the Conference Committee.
    • Reports to Chapter Director
  • Canada Regional Coordinator
    • See requirements above under “Southeast Regional Coordinator”


  • International Coordinator
    • See requirements above under “Southeast Regional Coordinator”


Available Short Term Tasks

All short-term positions are currently filled.


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We always have mom-sized jobs. If you would like to volunteer your time and talents to ICAN, please fill out an application

or contact ICAN’s Volunteer Coordinator, for more information on how you can help!

Email: volunteer@ican-online.org