Lauren Coroleuski of Springfield, MO is ICAN’s newest leader!

ICAN is excited to announce Lauren Coroleuski as our newest chapter leader. She has completed training and will be leading ICAN of Springfield, MO!

Tell us about the birth climate in your area. 

I believe that all moms should know that they have options in birth and the right to choose what is best for them. Also, it is perfectly acceptable (and not shameful) for women to have negative feelings about their cesarean or other birth experience, and they should be provided the opportunity to express themselves.

Our chapter is located in Springfield, Missouri and serves Springfield as well as the surrounding cities of Southwest Missouri. The best thing about our area is how our options are changing and expanding! I do wish moms were provided with complete information about interventions before they are asked to make decisions.

Why get involved in ICAN?
I found out about ICAN from a friend, who heard that I had just had a cesarean. It was my first pregnancy, and I had planned a natural birth. ICAN was key to my healing process. I have learned so much from this organization. I am most excited about providing women with the information and knowledge that has been a healing and empowering part of my journey. I hope to be an empathetic, encouraging person in the lives of other women. I wish other people knew that ICAN provides women with far more than just VBAC resources and supports moms after cesareans, regardless of their future birthing plans. ICAN is a community resource for information on a variety of women’s health topics.
Please share a little about yourself! 
I live in Springfield with my husband and daughter. I am a student at Missouri State seeking my degree in psychology, with the eventual goal of earning my Master’s in Counseling. My daughter was born in 2014 by cesarean section due to breech presentation. Before my daughter was born, I worked full time as a cake decorator. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, outdoor activities, reading, and good conversation. My friends would describe me as thoughtful, kind, and patient.
Next meeting? 
We meet every second Tuesday of the month at 7 PM at Loehr Chiropractic. Tuesday, January 10, 2017, at 7 PM Loehr Chiropractic and Acupuncture 3021 E Sunshine St, Springfield, Missouri 65804
Welcome, Lauren! We can’t wait to see the impact you and your chapter have in your community!

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