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The Positive Birth Book

This gem is like having an all-things-birth FAQ at your fingertips! If you can only have one birth book in your personal collection, The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill should be at the top of your list. There are chapters on human rights in childbirth, what the birthing person brings to birth, all the options and choices to make birth a positive experience, even details on every step of labor and birth that include not just the physical experiences but the mental and emotional ones as well.positivebirthbook_3

Ms. Hill includes personal stories and quotes from a variety of birthing women and birth providers to effectively illustrate the various tidbits included in each chapter. There are great visuals that can be included in all types of birth plans too – from labor positions to who catches the baby, even which hand is preferred for IV insertion! The book is laid out in a methodical, linear approach so that each section can be read as needed for refreshers or specific topical questions or even to share with your provider during a quick office visit. This makes the book a great reference tool.

Milli Hill started The Positive Birth Movement in 2012 as a global network of antenatal discussions groups, aiming to improve childbirth and give women better access to support and information. In her book, she has tried to dispel as many birth myths as possible to help women all over prepare and look forward to their birth experiences. Ms. Hill is based in the United Kingdom, so some of the language and birth culture terms and situations reflect that specific area; however, the majority of the topics are applicable to any birthing person the world over. Wonderfully included is a nine-page resource list chock-full of organizations, movements, and books that can give even more support and information on specific circumstances. This is definitely a book you don’t want to miss!

Reviewer: Amanda Beck, ICAN of Vancouver

Author: Milli Hill set up the Positive Birth Movement from her living room in 2012, motivated by both her own birth experiences and her growing frustration whenever she heard the words “They didn’t let me” in a birth story. She has since gone on to become a well-recognized voice for women in the birth world, writing extensively in the mainstream press (BestDaily, Telegraph, Guardian). She has three small children and lives in Somerset.

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