Supporting CBAC Mothers

handsMany people in the birth field would agree that we need better support for CBAC mothers.

Yet offering support to women who have been through a CBAC can offer challenges. Our society has a hard time dealing with grief of any kind, whether it’s after the death of a loved one or the differing grief of a lost dream or traumatic incident. Being the support person for a person dealing with such grief can mean dealing with uncomfortable emotions, both theirs and our own. It’s easy to make mistakes, so many people don’t even try. Yet this leaves the CBAC mother with nowhere to go in her grief, no one to listen to her story or help her process her feelings.

In an effort to help improve the quality of support available, the following pages discuss:

  • Challenges in Supporting CBAC Mothers
  • How NOT to Support a CBAC Mom
  • CBAC Support DOs and DON’Ts
  • CBAC Support Group Topics