The Emotional Impact of CBAC

crying eyesA CBAC can be emotionally devastating.

At the very least it is disappointing, even when it was a prudent or life-saving. It is not what was wanted, and although the mother absolutely loves her baby, she can be happy about her baby and still be sad or upset about how the baby arrived.

Sometimes, however, a CBAC can be both disappointing and empowering. It may seem like a contradiction, but sometimes there is great healing to be had in a CBAC.

On the other hand, for some women, a CBAC can be very traumatizing, especially if her wishes were disrespected, she was treated badly, she was in tremendous pain, or the situation was life-threatening in some way.

There is a wide variation in how women respond to a CBAC, and all of them are valid. On the following pages, we will:

  • Discuss the unique needs of CBAC moms
  • Discuss how a CBAC affects women
  • Share some quotes from CBAC women about their experiences
  • Discuss how to process a CBAC