VBAC Education Project


The VBAC Education Project is a part of the educational initiative of ICAN. This free, evidenced-based educational project comes with modules and handouts for parents, birth advocates, professionals, and hospitals, and can be used by both laypersons and professionals alike to empower women to be aware of their birth options after cesarean.


A Teaching Tool for Parents & Birth Professionals

The VBAC Education Project (VEP), created by Nicette Jukelevics of Vbac.com, and endorsed by the International Childbirth Education Association and the International Cesarean Awareness Network, was developed to empower women to make their own decisions about how they want to give birth after a cesarean and to provide VBAC-friendly birth professionals and caregivers with the tools and resources to support them.


The VBAC Education Project consists of four parts:


VBAC education project

Deciding if A VBAC Is Right for You: A Parent’s Guide (slide set, Introduction and 14 modules)


Resources for VBAC and Physiologic Birth: A Parent’s Guide


Educational Handouts for Parents: A Parent’s Guide


VBAC For Educators: A Teaching Guide (e-book)

For hospitals and birth professionals:


Hospital Policies that Support VBAC, Family-Centered Cesarean, and Informed Choice

Thank you once again for your support of ICAN as we work to fulfill our mission of providing education on cesarean and post cesarean issues!