Starting a Chapter

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What are the basic requirements to become a Chapter Leader/Co-Leader/Chapter Treasurer/Chapter Secretary?

The basic requirements to apply to be a Chapter Leader or member of Chapter Leadership are simple:

  1) Chapter Leadership must be current ICAN Members, Supporting Level or higher and maintain membership for the duration of their leadership role. You can become a member through one of these links (individual or professional) on the Join page or in person, through your local chapter. Click the Join ICAN link to learn more about the membership options and become a member.  
  2) Potential Chapter Leaders/Co-Leaders/Treasurers/Secretaries will need to fill out an "ICAN Chapter Leader Application".  Completing this application does not guarantee opening a new chapter or becoming a part of Chapter Leadership. The Chapter Director or the Regional Coordinator for your area will contact you to discuss the application. If you are not contacted within 2 weeks concerning your application, contact the Chapter Director or the Regional Coordinator for your area. Be sure to check your spam folder, sometimes initial emails may not go to your Inbox.  
  3) Once your application is approved, Chapter Leaders opening a new chapter must pay a one-time Chapter Leader Applicant/Opening fee of $50. Co-Leaders or new Leaders moving into the CL position of an existing chapter are $25. Treasurers and Secretaries do not have to pay this fee. This fee is non-refundable.  This is the link to pay these fees:  
  4) Once your fee is paid, Chapter Leaders/Co-Leaders/Treasurers/Secretaries must sign and return the Chapter Leadership Agreement stating that they will work to uphold ICAN's mission and agree with ICAN Guidelines. The Chapter Director will email the link to sign the agreement to you within 2 weeks of paying your Chapter Leader/Co-Leader fee.  If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail with this link within two weeks of submitting payment, contact your Regional Coordinator or the Chapter Director. The Chapter Leader Applicant Fee is valid for 6 months; you’ll have 6 months from the date of payment to sign the agreement; however until this is signed and returned, you can not act as a member of ICAN Leadership.      

What happens after I sign and return my Chapter Leadership Agreement?

Chapter Leaders, Co-Leaders, Treasurers and Secretaries will be given access to the ICAN Leadership Center. The Chapter Guidebook is a section within the Leadership Center you will be required to read. The Guidebook is designed to lay out the basic requirements and procedures of operating and growing an ICAN Chapter.  The Leadership Center also holds links for submitting your required monthly chapter paperwork to ICAN National among many resources. If starting a new chapter, your chapter will be assigned
  • an ICAN email
  • ICAN phone number
  • ICAN website
  • and a Facebook Page opened.
The chapter will be listed on the ICAN website. You can also start planning your first meeting.  

What is involved in maintaining an active ICAN Chapter?

All ICAN Chapters must:
  • Hold in-person meetings at least 6 times a year.
  • Complete a Chapter Monthly Report (CMR) to send to your Regional Coordinator. This takes a few minutes and can be submitted with ease online.
  • Complete a financial report once every 6 months to send to the ICAN Treasurer. This typically takes around 15 minutes to complete, but often takes less time for new or small chapters with little or no transactions.
  • Respond to inquiries your chapter receives by phone or email in a timely manner.
Some chapters choose to go beyond these basic requirements and have monthly meetings, hold chapter fundraisers, have informational booths at local events, etc., but these things aren't required. We understand that each area has its own unique needs, and we respect our volunteers' availability. We're really very flexible.  

What kind of resources are available to Chapter Leaders?

Chapter Leadership Members receive support from their Regional Coordinator and the Chapter Director. They also have access to the ICAN Leadership Center where new trainings and resources are being added constantly. There is also a special Chapter Leader Training available at ICAN Conferences along with an Accreditation program (currently being developed). As volunteer availability allows, occasionally there are also Chapter Leader chats and Webinars.  

Can I have others help me run my chapter? What is required of them as co-leaders or officers?

Absolutely! It is great to get others involved with your chapter! They will follow the same process above except Chapter Co-Leaders must pay a one-time Co-Leader Applicant Fee of $25. If they are not already a current ICAN member, and your Chapter has an established bank account, they can become a member through the Chapter and the Chapter will keep a portion of the funds. Some chapters have other Chapter Officers like a Treasurer, Secretary, Outreach Coordinator, etc. While many chapters do thrive with only one Chapter Leader or one additional Co-Leader, many chapters find it beneficial to enlist the help of other volunteers as Chapter Officers. Chapter Officers must be current ICAN subscribers and follow the same process above as well, minus the leader fee.  

I don’t live in the United States or Canada. Can I still start an ICAN Chapter?

Yes!  Our International chapters pay a reduced Chapter Leader Applicant Fee which is determined by country.  Please contact the Chapter Director for more information.  

I have other questions about starting and maintaining a chapter. Where do I find out more?

Fill out the application above and either the Chapter Directer or your Regional Coordinator will contact you to discuss the application. You may find that the application process will answer many of your questions.  At that time we can personally discuss your concerns and answer any additional questions. If you would rather discuss a quick question over email you can contact your Regional Coordinator or the Chapter Director with any other questions you have. We look forward to talking with you!