Best of the Birth Blogs – August 9-22

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It’s summer and we’re a little slow around the blog lately…but there’s been plenty of good reading in the birth blogosphere. Here’s a sampling:

Patti Ramos posted two stunning images from one family’s cesarean to VBAC journey: This Woman’s Work…(video) and One Mother Two Births Two Years (photo). Informed Parenting wrote a thought-provoking post on birth trauma and violenceBirthing Beautiful Ideas breaks down the VBAC scare tactic of large babies. Read all her posts on VBAC scare tactics here.  The Unnecessarian tells us what we learn from the growing number of news articles on obesity and the cesarean rate (hint: nothing!).

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  1. LM August 23, 2010 8:35 am  Reply

    I dislike Informed Parenting.

    The articles on breastfeeding do nothing but add to the extreme guilt felt by mothers like me who failed, and the tone of her all of the articles are, “If only women did…,” and “If women would…” and so forth.

    Ultimately, the points are valid and worth considering, but I go to more compassionate and less judgmental and *fap*fap*fap* sites for that discourse.

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