Giving Tuesday



On December 2nd, ICAN will participate in Giving Tuesday in the hopes of raising $10,000 in 24 hours. We take our job of being a  source of support and a gateway to resources for birthing families seriously, and that is why we would so appreciate your help.

Our chapters in the United States and our international chapters around the world give of themselves selflessly to mothers in their areas, some of them supporting mothers in hostile birthing environments that do not offer them viable options for evidence-based care. With a current cesarean rate of 32.7% and a ranking of 60th worldwide when it comes to maternal mortality rates in the U.S., it is imperative that we make the adjustments necessary to stand in the gap for the ever-increasing numbers of women who can benefit from the support that we can and do provide.

Though the mountain may be high, it is not insurmountable.

With each person doing what they can to contribute to the solution to this issue, we can turn this ship around slowly but surely. We, collectively, have the power to impact the lives of birthing women not just in this generation but in the generations to come. Paradigms are being challenged, generational cycles are being broken, and women are awakening to the beauty of their courageous, empowered, sufficient selves, regardless of how their babies arrive…one mother and one birth at a time.

This is why we, and hundreds of our dedicated volunteers around the world, do what we do.

Please stand with us as we take a stand for you.

On December 2nd, please consider partnering with us to make a donation of any amount. No amount is too small as we work to change the reality of birthing mothers around the world.




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