ICAN Announces New Board Member

Christa Billings, ICAN President

Christa Billings, ICAN President

We are excited to announce that Megan Nickel-Martin has joined the Board of Directors of ICAN as the incoming Secretary. Megan has been an outstanding chapter leader whom we’ve had an eye on for some time now. She will make a great addition to our Board bringing new and fresh ideas. Megan is also a chapter leader for ICAN of Lee County. She played a key role in helping with the Jennifer Goodall case. She will be replacing LaQuitha as Secretary, as LaQuitha transitions into the President role. You can reach Megan at secretary@ican-online.org.

We are excited to announce that Ruthie Dicken is rejoining us. She has been busy helping with projects behind the scenes since she finished her term on the board, but she is ready to jump back in and devote her time to specific areas. She is joining us as the Education Coordinator. You can reach her at education.coordinator@ican-online.org. She will work on developing new ICAN materials and brochures in keeping with the current trends and research in childbirth. Ruthie will be reading and approving all separate chapter materials before they are issued by chapters to ensure adherence to ICAN philosophies by the chapters. Please send all future materials that need approval to Ruthie at education.coordinator@ican-online.org for approval. Ruthie has a long time history with ICAN and has an eye for adherence to ICAN philosophies. Thank you Ruthie for rejoining in an official capacity.

Jesse Franks has accepted a new role as New Chapter Ambassador. You can reach her at newchapterambassador@ican-online.org. She will be sending all of our new chapters a bag with some ICAN swag to welcome them into the organization This is something the board is excited to be offering to our new chapters. Jesse has been acting as Assistant Chapter Director for many years. As we are redefining roles and adding new members to our team we felt the Assistant Chapter Director is no longer needed at this time. We are happy that Jesse is continuing her role with ICAN on the national level and helping us with this new area. Jesse just gave birth a few weeks ago to her 3rd daughter. Congrats Jesse!

Christa Billings
ICAN President

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