ICAN Accreta Awareness Month – Closing Our 2017 Campaign!

corinne-kutz-157291As October ends, we would like to thank everyone who supported ICAN Accreta Awareness Month! The more our information was shared, the more mothers spoke out about how they and their families were affected by accreta. Conversations about placenta accreta, especially those including loss, can be very difficult. Though fear and anxiety make these discussions uncomfortable, it is vital that they continue to happen in the birthing community.

Too many moms face the choice to schedule a repeat cesarean or attempt a VBAC knowing only about uterine rupture risks but are never informed about the risks of placenta accreta and the 7% mortality rate that they may face in a future pregnancy. Women should always be given the complete risks and benefits for each option and then they should be supported in their decision. At the end of the day, the mothers and their families are the ones who have to live with the outcome.

A very special Thank You to the mothers who shared their stories and to the families that shared their hearts and the lives of their loved ones lost to accreta. We honor you all and we will always remember your loved ones.

To keep in touch with ICAN all year long to continue the conversation about accreta, please join us online:


ICAN accreta blood drop


Photography Credits: Corinne Kutz – www.UnSplash.com

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