A Statement From ICAN

The last week has been filled with anger, grief, and reflection. In the past, ICAN has, indefensibly, remained silent on issues that demand a voice. That silence ends today. There are no words for the heartbreak, fear, and anger that so many of our members have been facing not only... Continue reading →

Chapter Leader Spotlight: Diana Snyder

“I am most excited about supporting women who are crushed by their cesarean experience, whether primary or CBAC. These women are often not well supported. Having been there, I know how it feels.” – Diana Snyder, ICAN of Eastern Massachusetts Please share a little about yourself. I am a lawyer... Continue reading →

Cathy’s Emergency Cesarean Birth Story

Share your story with ICAN to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook! All cesarean and birth-after-cesarean stories are welcome: the difficult, the triumphant, the still-processing, and the stories which haven’t yet been shared. Sharing your birth story can be freeing, healing and profoundly powerful. It can bring others hope,... Continue reading →

Chapter Leader Spotlight: Elizabeth Posey

Please share a little about yourself. I’m from Arizona, and my husband and I have been married for seven years. We’ve been blessed with three boys with whom I stay home. I also run a sewing and alterations business for over ten years. We love hiking and exploring the natural... Continue reading →

Chapter Leader Spotlight: Erin Murray Foley

“I wish that people in my area had greater awareness of ICAN’s mission of support, education, and advocacy, as well as the fact that VBAC is actually an option for them.” – Erin Murray Foley, ICAN of Putnam County, Tennessee Please share a little about yourself. I grew up in... Continue reading →