2018 Cesarean Awareness Month T-Shirt Design Contest!

During Cesarean Awareness Month in April every year, we sell a t-shirt to bring in funds for our mission and to spread awareness through people wearing these t-shirts far and wide. This year we’ll be choosing our CAM shirt design from submissions from people like you!

Beginning now, we will accept submissions of t-shirt designs via email to Board@ICAN-online.org until January 31st, 2018. We will choose the designs to be voted on. The winner will receive a free t-shirt!

-Your design should be relevant to ICAN’s mission
-Must be a high-resolution image in png, tiff, or pdf
-Designate if you intend the image to be the front or back of the shirt
-Keep your design working file saved in case small tweaks are needed
-The work must be your own – no copyrighted images or aspects allowed

-ICAN’s official colorway is Hex #820024 (but it isn’t required to use only that color)
-Simpler tends to read better on a shirt.
-The number of colors used can impact whether an idea works as a shirt design.
-Be mindful of wording. (There is no easy guide for this, and it is not possible to perfectly resonate with everyone’s own perspective, but just thinking about how any given phrase may come across to the public is helpful.)
-Submission of your artwork gives ICAN the rights to use the image as our own to further serve our mission.

Have FUN! We are very excited to see your creativity at work!


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