Volunteer of the Month: April Henry, March 2018

The International Cesarean Awareness Network is powered by the selfless efforts of our numerous volunteers. We cannot thank our dedicated volunteers enough for their cooperation and service in assisting ICAN with accomplishing its mission. In an effort to acknowledge some of our amazing volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes to offer support, education, and advocacy for the mothers in their area, we have created a Volunteer of the Month announcement to highlight our supporters.

ICAN is pleased to announce April Henry, ICAN of Central Florida, as the March 2018 Volunteer of the Month!

What led you to ICAN?

In 2008/2009, when I was thinking of trying to conceive again, I found ICAN through an internet search.

What motivates you as a volunteer?

Supporting my co-leaders in making a positive impact on the health of babies and women, both physically and mentally/emotionally one woman at a time. I believe maternity and postpartum care are among the areas of medicine that lack the use of evidence-based care the most and it is hurting families every day.

What are your other professions and passions outside of ICAN?

I work in compensation and benefits on the employer side for a global nonprofit – Wycliffe Bible Translators.

What moment makes you proudest as an ICAN volunteer? What moment was hardest for you?

Of course, anytime someone gets the information and the empowerment they need to make an informed decision is a proud moment. But anytime someone who through circumstance or wishful thinking is unable to be in the same position is very difficult. Other than that, my proudest and hardest moments have to do with learning new skills, like social media management, and growing as a facilitator, like taking responsibility for when words don’t come out quite right or people are disappointed or inadvertently hurt.

Thank you for all you do, April!

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