ICAN’s May Volunteer of the Month!

ICAN’s May Volunteer of the Month

is Jennifer Whitman!

Jennifer is the Chapter Leader of ICAN of Ottawa. 

How long have you been an ICAN member?

I have been an ICAN member for 2 years and I have been attending ICAN meetings for 4.5 years.

How did you first find ICAN?

After my first was born the public health nurse who did my home visit mentioned ICAN, but had no information on meetings or if there was an Ottawa chapter. It was not until I was pregnant with my second and planning a VBAC that I learned about the Ottawa chapter and started attending meetings.

What motivates you as a volunteer?

Empowering and supporting women, particularly in birth and motherhood, is my motivation.

Do you have a profession or any other passions outside of ICAN?

Outside of ICAN I am a stay at home mom to three children, my days are spent doing crafts, playing with play-doh and spending as much time outdoors as possible!

What was your proudest moment as an ICAN volunteer? What about your hardest?

My proudest moment as an ICAN volunteer was meeting a mom who had been active in our online community in person for the first time and hearing her say that my story inspired and empowered her.

I work hard to make everyone feel welcome so the hardest part of being an ICAN volunteer, for me, is when moms who have chosen to have a cesarean or CBAC moms decide not to remain a part of group because they do not feel included.

Thank you for your continued dedication, Jennifer! We appreciate everything you do for ICAN, and for the community!

Image by: Sara McConnell Photography – Ottawa, Ontario

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