Chapter Leader Spotlight: Erin Murray Foley

I wish that people in my area had greater awareness of ICAN’s mission of support, education, and advocacy, as well as the fact that VBAC is actually an option for them.” – Erin Murray Foley, ICAN of Putnam County, Tennessee

Please share a little about yourself.

I grew up in Upstate New York, and have lived in Massachusetts, Seattle, and now in Cookeville, Tennessee. I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, am a massage therapist, Certified Doula and Lactation Counselor, and I working on earning my MSSW at UT Knoxville. I am a devoted mother to our kids, Luke and Ava . I love spending time in nature, traveling, reading, exercising, learning new things, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.

How did you find out about ICAN?

I found out about ICAN after the birth of my son in 2003 by “emergency” c-section. It was very traumatic and my recovery was difficult emotionally and physically. When I became pregnant with my daughter in 2006, ICAN was very helpful in supporting and educating me as I learned about and planned a VBAC. I went on to have a successful and very empowering VBAC experience with her birth.

What part of being an ICAN Chapter Leader are you most excited about and why?

I am so very excited to be able to provide evidence based information, education, and support to the women in our area. An ICAN chapter has been something that our birth community in the Upper Cumberland area of Tennessee has had a need for for a very long time. Until now, the closest chapter has been in Nashville, an hour and a half away.

Where is your chapter located?

We are in the Upper Cumberland region of Tennessee, situated about halfway between Nashville and Knoxville. We will serve Putnam county, as well as the surrounding rural counties.

What is the best thing about the birth climate in your area?

Our birth community is small but growing. Some other birth professionals and I have been cooperating and working hard together to change the birth climate here, and to build up our birth community, and a lot of exciting things are happening.

Where can we find more information about your chapter?

Check out the ICAN of Putnam County Facebook page here.

Thank you for all you do, Erin!

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