Top 11 Ways to Decrease Your Risk for a Cesarean

Guest post by Dr. Poppy Daniels, OB/GYN Choose a provider/facility with a low cesarean rate – Midwives have lower cesarean rates: the Midwives Model of Care has a more holistic approach to prenatal care, familiarity and patience with longer labors, and the fact that midwives are not surgeons. Many OBs... Continue reading →

Healing from a Traumatic Cesarean

Women’s emotional reactions and adjustment to cesarean birth vary widely. Although some women recover fairly quickly and accept the surgical birth as a necessary step to a healthy baby and to becoming a mother, others experience various degrees of sadness, disappointment, anger, violation, loss of self-esteem, guilt, depression, and sometimes... Continue reading →

Cesarean Survival Essentials: postpartum binding

“Cesarean Survival Essentials: postpartum binding” by Wendy Foster This article is a reprint from the Winter 2015 edition of The Clarion, the official publication of ICAN. Become a member today to support ICAN and to subscribe! As a former volunteer EMT, I was taught to ensure the scene was safe before entering; scanning... Continue reading →