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Unassisted Childbirth

The author recounts her journey through her own birth experiences, unassisted by any medical professionals. Although some parts of this book may be questionable to some, this book still makes valid points about birth being primal and instinctual and is an excellent reminder of the abilities within us. It makes for an empowering read, even if planning an unassisted birth is not for you.

Trust Your Body! Trust Your Baby!

In the name of technological progress, hundreds of thousands of women have been coerced into relinquishing a most cherished right--the right to give birth in a gentle, supportive environment free of medical interventions, and instead welcome their children to the world through major abdominal surgery. The physical, psychological,and cultural implications of cesarean sections are thoroughly examined. Through insightful education and an understanding that can only come from experience, Henkart shows how every woman possesses the ability to overcome the fear and uncertainty commonly associated with birthing to be able to give birth without the intervention of major surgery.

The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth

Goer gives clear, concise information based on the latest medical studies. This book helps you compare and contrast your various options and shows you how to avoid unnecessary procedures, drugs, restrictions and tests. A popular favorite that helps you learn how to take charge of your birth!

The Scientification of Love

Why do all cultures ritually disrupt the first contact between mother and new-born baby? Why has there hitherto been an evolutionary advantage in developing human potential for aggression rather than the capacity to love? Until recently love was the realm of poets, artists and philosophers. Latterly it has been studied from multiple scientific perspectives. Michel Odent argues that the specialist approach has overlooked the importance of love as a potential new strategy for human survival, and that the old survival strategy, the domination of nature and other human groups, is no longer appropriate. By weaving together data from a multitude of disciplines, Michel Odent is able to offer a...

The Pink Kit

This multi-media kit (including an audio cassette, VHS video, and book) is full of essential preparations for your birthing body. This kit provides you with the knowledge you need to understand your unique body structure and how it works. The exercises provide practical, realistic ways to prepare yourself for the amazing experience of childbirth. Once you've mapped your pelvis, done the important hip lift and rocked your sacrum, you'll discover how the slightest tension can block flexible movement of your bony structure and soft tissue. Using the kit you will learn how to relax this tension and create more room for your baby. The more you do, the more...