Top 10 Reasons to Support ICAN in 2010!

Looking for a last minute gift for a woman you love?

Need a place to spend that holiday cash from grandma?

How about a subscription to ICAN?

Here are 10 very good reasons to become a subscribing member of ICAN in 2010. Thanks to several chapter leaders for these great ideas!

Top Ten Reasons to Subscribe to ICAN in 2010

10. Discount at the ICAN Online Bookstore
9. Discount to the 2011 ICAN Conference
8. Be eligible to hold a volunteer position with ICAN
7. Full access to ICAN’s educational and support webinars
6. Receive the quarterly Clarion newsletter
5. It’s a “mother-sized” way to help prevent unnecessary cesareans and promote VBAC
4. ICAN is a 100% volunteer organization. Every dollar directly supports our mission.
3. Increase ICAN’s impact: what if we could say we have 10,000 members against unnecessary cesareans?!?!
2. Support your local chapter’s work in your community

And the number one reason to become a subscriber to ICAN in 2010 is….

1.The satisfaction of supporting one of the most worthy causes in the world: the health and well-being of moms and babies!

ICAN encourages you to join through your local chapter whenever possible so that some of the funds can remain in your community. Click here to find a chapter near you. In lieu of a local chapter, click here to subscribe.

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