Best of the Birth Blogs – Week Ending January 3rd

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Happy New Year! “Best of” will be on hiatus next week (family trip to San Diego). We will resume bringing you the best of the birth blogosphere on January 17th!

Science & Sensibility – Her Survival Was a “Christmas Miracle”, but the Disaster was Man-Made: Henci Goer calls a spade a spade on the high-profile story of one mother’s death and recovery during childbirth. Also check out Danielle’s post on the risks of epidurals.

Women in Charge – A Visit With a Midwife by Trevor: Phenomenal letter from a 10th grade boy about meeting a midwife and expectant mother during a high school class.  Imagine how birth could be different if all high school students had such opportunities!

At Your Cervix – Apathy vs. “Making Waves”: Inspired by Birth Sense, a L&D nurse comments on the need for parents to push back against care providers to birth their way.

Woman to Woman Childbirth Education – Last Day of 2009: A re-cap of ACOG’s “changes” this year. See also Childbirth Today’s Best and Worst of 2009.


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