Failure to Progress in Labor

Many women that are told they need a cesarean for “failure to progress” may not realize that the doctor is likely looking at their labor and dilation and comparing it to research called Friedman’s Curve. This research was completed with 500 women more than 60 years ago.  A woman may... Continue reading →

Can Inducing Labor Lead to Cesarean?

A labor induction uses medication, like Pitocin, or other techniques to bring on (induce) contractions in a pregnant woman. Induction occurs in more than 23% of births ( in the United States every year. That is, one in five women will have their labor induced. Studies show that there is... Continue reading →

In Conversation with Rebecca Dekker

Who: ICAN members What: A discussion with Rebecca Dekker around cesareans and cesarean prevention Where: Online Video and Voice When: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 Register: Email speakerhost (at) ican-online (dot) org to receive an email with the link and password to join the conversation. Join this Online Event September 17th,... Continue reading →