Cari's Birth Story

It’s some time early morning. Why am I awake? I roll over and look at my phone. 6am. Sigh. I roll back over and notice my back has a slight ache. And then I get a light braxton hick. I find this strange because even though I have been having... Continue reading →

Christina's Birth Story

‎The Birth Of Anthony Sometimes I still cry in the shower…. It’s the only time when I’m alone with my thoughts and they always seem to turn to my births. The tears mostly come along with the memories of my 1st. Its only 4 years later that I dare to... Continue reading →

Why VBAC After a Special Scar?

Why VBAC? I asked the women who are on the Special Scars ~ Special Women Facebook group to tell me in 50 words or less why they wanted to VBAC.  Some of them had a hard time with the 50 words or less part, but this is what they had... Continue reading →

The Emotional Side of Special Scars

The Emotional Side of Special Scars I have been trying to write something about the emotional side of Special Scars for over a year.  It’s been extremely difficult for me.  I started running out of time to get this written for this post, so Katie suggested asking the ladies of... Continue reading →

Tiyama's Birth Story

I had been hospitalized at 26 weeks for softening of my cervix which was then determined to be pre-term labor, thankfully the contractions stopped after being medicated. After four full days, I was discharged with medication (nifedipine) to take while on bed rest to discourage contractions. On Jan 27th, 2007... Continue reading →